Edward Bierstadt

1824 – 1906

1885 Church on St. Hubert’s Isle, Raquette Lake

1885 Mission of the Transfiguration Blue Mountain Lake

1885 Around Blue Mountain Lake 1356

1885 Under the Hemlocks Hotel, Raquette Lake

1885 Piazza, Bennett’s Hotel, Raquette Lake 49a

1885 Boat Landing at Kenwill’s [sic], Raquette Lake 89b

1885 Camp Fairview, Osprey Island

1885 Entering Eagle Lake (postcard from photo)

1885 St. Hubert’s from Camp Fairview

1914 Postcard from above photo

c1891 Killoquah No. 2 at Bassett’s Carry

The Bierstadt brothers, Edward (1824-1906), Albert (1830-1902) and Charles, were landscape photographers, painters, illustrators and engravers, of whom Albert was the most recognized.

Edward was a noted portrait photographer and opened his own studio in New York City in 1860. He also held an 1876 patent for an improvement to the Stereoscope Viewer, used for the extensive body of stereographs created by the Bierstadt brothers.

In 1885 Edward was employed by William West Durant to take a series of photos for an artistic brochure to help publicize the Adirondacks, and in particular Blue Mountain Lake and Raquette Lake, as a vacation spot. It was entitled The Adirondacks, Artotype Views Among the Mountains and Lakes of the North Woods.

Much of his work is simply signed “E. Bierstadt NYC.”
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