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1900 – 1929


 1878-Stoddard-Upper-Carry-L  1908-Detail-Upper-Carry-M  1908-Upper-Carry-BML-L
 1878 Upper Carry before railroad
photo Seneca Ray Stoddard
 1908 detail from Upper Carry
Canoe, steamers, RR barge on right
 1908 Upper Carry
 Beach-Rickety-Rackety-RR-L  Carry-TrainL  MRCRR-narrow-gaugeL
 The Rickety Rackety Railroad
photo H.M. Beach
 Carry Train – Part of the Novel Trip
Raquette Lake to Blue Mountain Lake
 1905 Upper Carry
photo E.E. Kellogg
Colorized card mislabeled ‘narrow gauge’
 1905-Kellogg-Upper-Carry-M  1909-BML-dock--L  1911-Kellogg-Upper-Carry-M
 1905 Upper Carry
photo E.E. Kellogg
 1909 Towahloondah in center slip
Upper Landing – sign reads
Boat Landing
 1905 Upper Carry
photo E.E. Kellogg
 1907-Carry-RR-L  MRC-Upper-End-L  Marion-River-Perch-L
 1907 Blue Mountain Trip  Upper Landing  Train on Marion River Carry
Courtesy Bernie Perch
 Engine-No-2-L  1911-Kellog-Lower-Carry-L  1909-Freight-car-on-barge-L
 Engine No. 2 built 1901
Photo Jim Fynmore for the
Adirondack Museum
 c1911 E.E. Kellogg photo
Lower Carry
 Killoquah pushing freight car on
Raquette Lake barge
1909 – supplies for Blue Mountain
 19270824-MRCRR-L  1929-MRCRR-Engine-L  1929-MRCRR-Cars-L
 1927 Upper Carry
Pulled over in the shade
awaiting passengers
 1929 Lower Carry
Last summer of the little railroad
 1929 Lower Carry
Photos by Ted Schuelke
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The last three photos are courtesy of the Liverpool (New York) Public Library. Search for “raquette.” Photographer Ted Schuelke, a Liverpool resident, took some of the final pictures of the little railroad.

On the back of the photos were hand printed descriptions. The first and second are the same, save for the date. “The shortest railroad — in the world, being 7/8 mile long and operating between Raquette & Utowana Lakes in the Adirondack Mountains. Picture was taken Aug. 25, 1927.” Photo number two was Aug. 8, 1929.

The third description reads “ALL ABOARD FOR RAQUETTE LAKE — and Homeward Bound to Eagle Bay, after a trip to Blue Mt. Lake in the Adirondack Mountains. This picture was taken at the Utowana Lake Terminal of the Shortest Railroad in the world on Aug. 8, 1929.”

An alert visitor to our site, Bernie Perch, immediately contacted me saying that this was indeed the “Lower Carry” at the Marion River end, not the Utowana Terminal as stated on the photo.


Historic photos [Theodore H. Schuelke photographer 1927, 1929] are owned by Onondaga County, NY Parks Office of Museums and Historic Sites and are made available to the public by the Liverpool Public Library Liverpool NY

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