Stott Family of Bluff Point


The dates below are from the old cemetery of St. John the Evangelist Church in Stockport, NY. The Episcopal church in Hudson was the mother church for both St. John’s in Stockport and St. Barnabas in Stottville.

St. Barnabas became the home parish for the Stott family who, at the suggestion of Dr. Thomas Durant, had built a camp on Bluff Point in 1876. The Stotts were descendants of a wealthy textile manufacturing family who had the town surrounding their mills, Springville, renamed Stottville. Dr. Durant had business dealings with a relative of the wife of Francis Stott in the 1840s, forming Durant, Lathrop & Co. in Albany.

Francis H. Stott married H. Elizabeth Lathrop on 31 March 1856 in St. John’s, Stockport. William West Durant and Janet Lathrop Stott were married in St. Barnabas, Stottville, on 15 October 1884.

The Rev. William Brown-Serman was appointed priest-in-charge in both Stottville and Raquette Lake on 1 December 1894, and the following year began 46 summers at the Church of the Good Shepherd on St. Hubert’s Isle. (Albany Episcopal Diocesan records, 11thFloor, State Library, Albany, NY)

FATHER – Francis Horatio Stott, 1832 – 1900
MOTHER – Helen Elizabeth Lathrop Stott, 1837 – 1907


1857 – 1857: Elizabeth Dunlop, infant daughter, Mar 21, 1857, 5d
1858 – 1905: Arthur Curtis, son
1860 – 1860: Infant son, born and died June 15, 1860
1862 – 1864: Robert Lathrop, April 14, 1862 – August 6, 1864
1865 – 1931: Janet Lathrop Durant, daughter, 1865 – 1931
1866 – 1921: Frank “Tim” Strong, son of Francis H. & Elizabeth, 1866 – 1921
1869 – 1882: Lawrence (Laurie) Bradlee, son, died April 17, 1882, 12y, 8m
1870 – 1881: Dora Aborn, daughter, died May 29, 1881, 10y, 6m
1872 – 1873: Bertha Dunlop, infant daughter, Nov 2, 1872 – August 29, 1873
1875 – 19??: Louis Nobel, son (buried elsewhere)

Sadly, only four of the ten children survived childhood. In 1883 the Tiffany windows were installed in the Church of the Good Shepherd, St. Hubert’s Isle, Raquette Lake, NY, and dedicated to Dora Aborn Stott and Laurie B (Lawrence Bradlee) Stott. Likely gift of the parents Francis and Elizabeth Stott (or possibly William West Durant).

From 1880 to 1900 two Stott women, likely the mother Elizabeth and her only surviving daughter Janet (first wife of William West Durant), fired a cannon each Sunday morning from Bluff Point. This was to alert the camps around the lake that the church boat would soon be arriving to pick up passengers for the Church of the Good Shepherd and also, beginning in 1890, St. William’s Roman Catholic Church on Long Point, across the bay from St. Hubert’s.

After services, parishioners would wait in the gazebo at the far end of the island for the return trip. The cannon and the church boat (an over-sized guide boat) are now at the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake. The Stott women cared for the church and grounds for over 20 years, each May and June coming to St. Hubert’s during black fly season to clean the buildings and plant the rectory gardens. (Gilborn, Craig, Durant: The Fortunes and Woodland Camps of a Family in the Adirondacks, Sylvan Beach, NY:  North Country Books, 1981. Excerpts from Diary of Elizabeth Stott quoted in Appendix B, 150-153.)

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