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2006-Neighboring-village-L 2006-Rainwater-bin-L 2006-Gutter-system-L
Neighboring Village Rainwater Bin Gutter System
2006-Samson-L 2006-Swepes-Barhut-L 2006-Shower-L
Samson Schweppes Barhut Shower in Compound
2006-Summer-hut-L 2006-Baobob-tree-L 2006-Cemetery-L
Summer Hut Baobob Tree where Nic proposed Village Cemetery
2006-Our-compound-L 2006-Our-home2-L 2006-Sara-Ashley-L
Compound Home Sara and Ashley

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Ghana (formerly the Gold Coast), is located on the west coast of Africa between the Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

Since 1908 Ghana has provided the majority of cocoa to Cadbury-Schweppes. Cadbury-Schweppes has joined with WaterAid to provide fresh water wells for cocoa workers so children can attend school instead of fetching water for hours.

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