Ralph & Jean’s Family

1966-Aug-Citroen-canoe-MS 1966-Aug-trip-to-NYC-MS 1966-John-Reillys-MS
1966 Citroëns to the Island 1966 Dad at work!
YPF trip to NYC
1966 Wotan John old dock
Durmont, Tru, Margie Reilly
1966-Summer-Russell-Field-MS 1966-September-Dunlop-MS 1966-Sept-Gram-C-MS
1966 Jean Ralph Russell Field
Backyard in Albany
1966 Paul John Grandma Dunlop Jean
Paul’s birthday in Albany
1966 Grandma Carmichael Paul, Jean
Andy & Fay in Albany
1973-Ralph-Jean-L 74labrdy
1973 Fay’s Wedding Reception Labor Day 1974 1966 Jelle & Jean Nauta with kids
Napean, Ontario
1973-Cottage3-L 1973-Cottage2-L 1966-Walshes-Andy-John-MS
1973 Surprise Gift for Guest Cottage The Owl lasted 30 years! 1966 Nancy Marlene & Lynne Walsh
Andy John Parents in rear
1980-SAILBOAT-L 1983DadMexicoL RMC1993
1970s Ralph in his Sailboat 1983 Ralph at the piano
Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico
At Jan’s retirement dinner

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